Love One Another
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There’s only one thing better than a friend you can trust ~

and that’s a friend who trusts you…


GUIDELINES ON USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY WHEN WORKING WITH CHILDREN IN PARISHES AND DIOCESAN GROUPS ~ Written permission must be sought from the parent/guardian or the person who owns a photograph before it can be displayed on promotional materials or websites. Neither names nor any personal information should be displayed alongside any photographs. At all times we must respect the rights of everyone to make the choice whether or not to be photographed. “WRITTEN PERMISSION MUST BE SOUGHT.”




The following information is provided as a guide.

1. Book your church and priest

2. Documents needed
(a). Recent copy of Baptismal certificate
(b). Confirmation Certificate
(c). Letter of Freedom
(d). Pre-nuptial inquiry form.

3. Apply to Registrar of Marriages 3 months in advance

4. Marriage Registration Form (MRF)